About the Collection

It is sometimes said that photographs capture a fragment of the soul of the photographed. This is, of course, complete humbug. Still, it cannot be denied there is something truly magical about these mementos of days and people long gone by.

Sepia‘ is a site displaying my personal collection of old photographs. At the moment there are over 450 photographs in my collection, the earliest dating from the 1860’s and the newest ones from around the 1940’s. In general, I am more interested in the earlier photographs from the 19th century – the older, the better! – but age is not the only aspect I value in old photographs. I want every photograph in my collection to be interesting in one way or another. Oddities, strange things and more or less morbid themes are relevant to my interests, and these aspects can also be found among the photographs in my collection, albeit not (yet!) in significant number, since photographs of this kind are hard to come by.

  • Each photograph added on this site exists in my collection as an actual physical copy. It is not my intention to post photographs from other sources here.
  • I do my best to determine when each of the photographs were originally taken, but since I am by no means an expert in dating old photographs, these estimations may contain errors. If you spot an error with the my estimations, let me know. Corrections are gladly accepted.