A White Coffin

A photograph of a horse-drawn hearse on a snowy country road. The dark curtains of the carriage have been drawn aside to display a white coffin. The photograph is approximately from the 1920’s, and has most likely been taken in Finland. The photographer and the exact location are unknown.

Someone has scribbled a few words in Finnish behind the photograph with a blue pencil:

The handwriting is rather unclear, and the text has issues with grammar and spelling, which makes it difficult to read. This is what I think is written here:

“Tyhjä on nyt paikka sinun
koti kuusten tanhuvilla
Täytetty paikka siellä para-
tiisis siijonin karu etsä (?)
vaivojasi olet onnenpekka (?)
vaikka etsä
<???> tämän
maailman loistohon

Valko kirstu puhuu
sinun nuoruurressa
kuollehen kypsä olit
lähtemään joukkoon
herran kiittäjäin siellä
niität kylvöästäsi herel-
mätä jumalan”

One word remains illegible (to me at least), so part of the text remains unclear. There is a mention of an empty place the deceased left behind and how whoever wrote this thought that the deceased was a lucky person, even though… and here is the illegible word. Even though they couldn’t stay in the “brilliance of this world” would fill the gap in a way that makes sense, but I really do not know.

The other part is much easier to read: “The white coffin speaks, yours, who died young, you were ready to join those who thank the lord, there you’ll be reaping your sow, the fruits of god.”

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