Hedvig from Viipuri

A photograph of a young girl with a rather solemn expression. Her name has been written on the back of the photograph, which reads (in Swedish): “Hedvig (Vava) Palmberg, later Grönlund“. It always amazes me how it is often possible to find pieces of information about people who lived well over a century ago, provided that there is some tiny bit of information available to get started; in this case, we know her name and the surname of the man she married later, the city in which the picture was taken, and also the name of the photographer, which helps in narrowing down the possible date of the photograph.

Combining this information, I quickly found out the following: Hedvig Palmberg was born in Viipuri, Finland, on August 2nd in the year 1871. She married a man named Emil Grönlund on April 29th in the year 1894, in Helsinki, at the age of twenty-two. She had three children, the first of whom was born in Lappeenranta the year after she got married, and the second in the year 1898, also in Lappeenranta. Their third child was born in 1904 in Viipuri, which suggests Hedvig had later returned to her city of birth. (source)

The photograph was taken in Viipuri, Finland, by photographer J. Indursky at some point during the 1880’s.

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