A Fine Lady and a Gentleman from Munsala

Two photographs, taken around the 1880’s in Stockholm, Sweden, by different photographers. The lady’s photo has been taken at the Photography Atelier of Waldemar Dahllöf & Co. while the gentleman’s photograph has been taken by Photography Atelier of August Roesler. What connects the pictures is the writing on the back of the photographs. I believe the text on both has been written by the same person, someone who’s not either of the portrayed but who knew them both. The handwriting looks identical, and also there is the fact that I bought these two photos at the same time, from the same seller.

The woman’s dress has been made of a fine looking fabric patterned with shiny round speckles. She is posed sitting down, leaning slightly over the armrest of a chair and with a rather stern look on her face. The following has been written the back of the photograph: “Ida Westerström. Major’s wife (?) in Visby. From southern Sweden. A fine lady.”

The gentleman has a long, white beard, and rather piercing eyes. The following has been written on the back of the photograph: “Judge Castrén from Munsala. He was paralyzed (?) and was visiting Visby in order to take care of his health.”

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