Family Album

A complete album of photographs of a family, featuring images of the family members and their friends. Many of the photographs have information written on them – names, places, dates – with the same handwriting, likely belonging to the man who has compiled the album (and whose identity can also be deduced based on the available information).

The photographs in this album are from a time span beginning roughly at the 1910’s and ending somewhere around the 1930’s. All the photographs are from Finland, mostly from Tampere and Kajaani. The other places that are mentioned are Mikkeli, Turku, Helsinki and Ruovesi.

Photographers and photography studios: Anna Elfvengrén (Tampere), Atelier Apollo (Turku), Atelier Hynninen (Kajaani/Mikkeli), Atelier Laurent (Tampere), Atelier Pallas (Tampere), Aug. Schuffert (Tampere), C.P. Dyrendahl (Helsinki), I. Nyman (Tampere), Niels Rasmussen (Tampere), Tampereen Uusi Valokuvaus Atelieri (Tampere), Valokuvaamo Suomi (Tampere).

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